I was born and raised a second generation Californian. My heros came from the pages of Jack London, Brett Hart and Mark Twain. Their stories of the gold rush and Henry Dana’s Two Years Before the Mast gave me a taste for adventure and exploration.

I was lucky enough to work as a mountain guide in Nepal, India, Japan and the Alps of Europe for many years. I was and am enough of a rebel that I never had a regular job. My life has been a series of gigs, projects and businesses. So much freedom for so long has resulted in my free thinking and creative approach to things in general.

I am learning to live with a compulsion to write. It has been there all along, I just never let myself give into it. Nor was I willing to sit still long enough and concentrate on this most difficult of tasks. But after my first novel came forth in a matter of weeks, I see that I have little control over this obsession and must let it run its course.

My grandchild sleeps and I am present as the babysitter for today. But my appetite for travel, people, and exotic places continues. This year I am holding my breath for my second trip to Patagonia.



Jim and Pam in Varanasi India on location for shooting The Benares of James Prinsep.