Three decades later

My youngest daughter trying to follow in my footsteps is in North Japanese Alps for some hiking and renewing our connection with our mountain friends in the natural splendor along the Azusa River.

Printed in Kathmandu

My latest book, Annapurna Blues, is being published in Kathmandu by Vajra Press of Thamel. I’m pleased that my book is included in their selection of dharma titles.

The Postal service in Nepal is closed from Covid and advance copies are being sent via DHL direct from Kathmandu to Ft. Bragg, California. This book has been slow in coming and delayed due to the pandemic.

May the Annapurna Blues serve as an escape from the restrictions of this time, may some of the ancient wisdom that is so clumsily shared by me and hidden in the pages be a balm to the reader’s being.

Take a trip closer to the earth and closer to the people of the lost valleys of the Himalaya of Nepal. In 1978 the modern world had yet to touch the highlands. Everest had been climbed in 1952 but Nepal was slow to open and the old ways still held sway. The modern era and ancient knowledge rubbed shoulders.

Nepal as part of my life

The single strongest influence in my life was the time of my life when I worked as a trekking guide in Nepal.

I am too old for serious trekking now memories will have to suffice. The treks, the clients,, the times after the treks, working behind the scenes , the dinners, the powerful landscape and ubiquitous religions of Hinduism and Buddhism combined for a powerful effect.

I’m excited to imagine holding a finished copy in my hands, it has been a long time coming, twenty years collecting stories and another twenty writing and re-writing the book. For now the only way to get a copy is to order one directly from me at

Greetings Covid world!

The brilliance of Mervin

Just another blog

How many blogs are written and abandoned? Almost all of them.

I hope this one makes it.

We look for the date and don’t bother to read if was in the past (for the most part). We want something from our Pandemic and political world that’s fresh and new, not yesterday’s headlines.

Check the date!