The Sweet Death

This was my first novel. It came in a rush of inspiration and desperation in a matter of weeks.

On a cruise on a twelve passenger gullet motorsailer from Troger to Dubrovnik the conversation touched on merciful death. This phrase in Italian, “La Dolce Morte,” the sweet death, first touched my ears.

The concept of ending life on a chosen high point, rather than subjected to the tolls of old age, sickness and suffering wasn’t something I’d spent much time thinking about. But the thought had a certain appeal. When I saw the big cruise ships anchored out at the port of Dubrovnik, the pieces came together.

I self published this book, it got good reviews and was optioned for a movie, but it didn’t get to the right people and is still waiting.

Below is a video trailer and the first chapter. If you’d like to buy a copy you can do so with this link to The Sweet Death, at Amazon. 250 pages, 2014.